The Beginning

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I moved to New York City almost five years ago by October this year. It was a decision I made because the opportunity presented itself. Also, I felt like I needed something new five years ago.

Living in New York City was a dream for a long time, however, I made no plans of what I’m going to do once I’m here. Up to this point of my life, I’m still nowhere close of knowing what exactly it is that I need to be doing. Should I have a career, passion, or both? I want to have both. But where to start?

I seriously thought that New York will give me a better understanding of myself but boy I was wrong. I’m no way closer to knowing myself than I was five years ago. I’m lost and nobody else seems to notice.

“Knowing is half the battle”, said the G.I. Joe cartoon during the 80s. Knowing that I’m lost is a good thing. Now I can start finding myself again and rev up the engine.

Blogging will keep me motivated and my mind working again. Since I don’t have anyone to talk to as of the moment, let this blog be my outlet for my rants (I promise not too much) and everything my mind can conceive.

Please don’t mind the blog title. This will be everything about me or how I react to everything. Gone are the days that everything is about everything but Paul.



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