White T-Shirt


It started with a white shirt.

I wanted to look good wearing a simple white t-shirt. I still don’t but I’m working my way there, slowly but surely. April is my birth month and I just got two white t-shirts for my advance birthday gift. Yes, I don’t get a lot of gifts on my birthday and I always ask for shirts. Simple and easy but that’s for another story.

I have an ongoing battle with my weight. I was fat as far as I remember. Maybe not obese fat when I was a kid but I’m definitely bigger than my childhood friends. I was the token fat kid in my group. Every group needs one and I stepped up to take that role.

I was supposed to be editing videos I took yesterday in Central Park for the Youtube channel I want to start but since I got the gift, I decided I have to write something on what the white t-shirt represents.

It represents progress for me. I’m far from my target weight but I know I’m on my way there. I took a photo of myself wearing my white t-shirt and I actually look normal. Normal as what the world would define it, not fat and not thin. Just normal. I like to be normal for once at least when it comes to my weight.

I’m not yet satisfied with my photo and that’s the reason why I posted a picture of a man I googled and not of myself. I just like this day to be a reminder that I’m losing my weight. This is far from over and I will continue to do what I’m doing now plus more to give myself a chance to someday post a before and after photo of myself. Hopefully, from bad to good and not the other way around.

For now, I’ll continue to be the New Yorker that I am and wear my black t-shirts.